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Bruce Birch AKA SpinnekopBB has been playing games since he was a young boy but only got actively involved in online gaming when he moved to the latest PS4 console. He fell in love with the Call of Duty titles like Black Ops and Modern Warfare and this drove him to become more involved in the social side of gaming where he joined his first clan more than two and a half years ago. He was an active member and got involved in the organisation of social and competitive games and creating meet and greet sessions for his clan in the Gauteng region.

This year he started his own clan with Dylan called Seven Sins Gaming that participates in social and competitive competitions.

Bruce is an avid fisherman and loves socialising and is a great ambassador with a passion for community gaming upliftment.

Dylan Hepburn AKA spiDYL-mAN says,” I’m chill, dig games and it’s a lekker stress reliever. He’s been playing since cartridge days, “I’m that old…lol” Nintendo to Sega and he finally settled on PlayStation and has been on it since PS1 till now PS4. Call of duty has always been his favourite game but more so the campaigns, he took to online gaming from BO3 zombies then he was balls to the walls hooked to online gaming, with titles like Black ops 4: Blackout and Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale was a game changer.

He is the founding member of Seven Sins Gaming and Facebook Groups, Call Of Duty Warzone South Africa. Dylan loves interacting with People and building the gaming community in South Africa.

Jaco Venter

Jaco Venter, also known as Kaku_X played his first game Wolfenstein 3D (this was when DOS was still a thing) at a young age and later found love for his first online game, World of Warcraft. He started experimenting with online FPS games such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and most recently Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone.

He is the founder of the TSEKI clan, which recently recruited their first female clan member. TSEKI is still expanding and will soon develop a more competitive play style and possibly participate in competitions and leagues.

Although referring to himself as a “noob”, he is an avid gamer in his spare time, previously dabbled in cosplay and absolutely destroys a 1 v 5 situation.

As an advocate for movements such as the #pinkmovement and gamers standing up against Gender Based Violence, he is actively involved in speaking up for those in the gaming community who are not able to do so themselves.

Stewart (Royal_9Seconds) Chalmers

I am the Co-Owner of Royal Esports ZA, A multi-Platform MGO. I Started gaming back in 2012, competing in Call of Duty Ghosts. After playing for the same team for 2 years, I decided to take a break and just enjoy gaming. I was then approached by Royal Esports ZA to captain their Battlefield 1 Teams. I helped build the team and develop the Players until they were a strong team.

My goal is to build the competitive scene for gaming in South Africa, as I feel that the competitive scene is dominated by a select few organizations.

I am the main Streamer for Cross-Play Gaming and the known “straight talker” 🙂 of the admin team as I do not have the right people skills.

Stewart 1

What’s up gamers! My name is Charles also known as AP3X387.

I’ve been gaming since the young age of 10, where I started playing Duke Nukem, Delta Force 2 and Need For Speed Underground 2. *que the intro music – riders on the storm*.

I was born in 1995 in Pinetown KZN, but grew up in Johannesburg for most of my life. Other than playing games I also enjoy playing golf, editing videos (Go check out my YouTube channel- A_P_3_X) and working on my wife’s last dam nerve.

I play video games because of the natural competitiveness that gets unleased on the battle field. Although gaming is for relaxing and to take your mind of things, there is nothing better than sweating your way to a victory in Warzone with your friends and having a good laugh while you do it.

I’m a PC player by heart although I have played on both PS and Xbox. #PCMASTERRACE #RGBEQUALSMOREFPS

I hope to see you on the battlefield

My name is Kunan Aka “I_AM_THE_ALPACA”, i have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, my mom always said it was a phase and I would outgrow it, yeah right.

The first game a can remember playing must probably be medieval back on ps1, when it was just called a playstation.

Gaming has become a mental escape for me and is used as a stress relief.

I first discovered COD when i played world at war back on the ps2 and have been hooked ever since and have owned and played every title since then.

After the release of blackops 4 i decided to play a bit more competitively and joined the RockstarClan (RcK) and represented them as a division leader. I later moved over to a Seven Sins Gaming and continue to help grow the clan and improve my gaming experience.

Game Style : Shoot enough bullets and hope to hit something, even by accident.

Favorite class : ting goes skrrrraaaaaa boom boom boom

Happy gaming, see you on the battle field, Alpaca.

Sep - Created Crossplay Gaming
Nov - Season I
May - Season II
May - Merged with CODWZSA