A deeper dive into the modes of Warzone.

Take the Money and Run: Plunder Overview

Similar to Battle Royale, the Plunder game mode begins with you and your squad making infil into Verdansk.

That, as well as the basic mechanics and map, are the lone similarities between Plunder and a standard game of Battle Royale. There is no circle collapse in Plunder, allowing your squad to access the whole of Verdansk freely. Furthermore, there is no post-death Gulag. When you fall in this warzone, you redeploy automatically after a short period of time.

Your main objective is a mad dash to gather the most Cash before any other squad does. You can view your collected Cash under your health bar. Cash can be earned by completing the following:

Slaying enemies: Enemies drop a percentage of their total Cash on the ground upon death. If they landed in Verdansk with literally nothing, killing them yields no Cash. 

Completing Contracts: Finishing Contracts is well worth your time, as it rewards you with a hefty amount of Cash. We cover this aspect in our Contracts section here.

Cash Drops: Collecting packages from planes that periodically drop Cash during the match. These are known as Cash Drops. Check your Tac Map and listen close to in-game alerts to see where these planes are dropping free Cash.

Attack Choppers: During the Bonus Round of a Plunder match, you may begin to see black helicopters appear in the sky. These mysterious airborne craft are known as Attack Choppers. Should you engage them (ideally with a rocket launcher) they drop a large amount of Cash but can fire back and down you. This is the most difficult, but potentially the most lucrative, way of getting tons of Cash.

Loose and Looted Cash: Gather loose Cash as ground loot or in Supply Boxes. This is the easiest way to gain Cash; within this game mode Supply Boxes are more frequent and Cash pile amounts are increased in order to help squads reach that $1 million mark faster.

Cash Deposit (Helo): After a team reaches $300k in total Cash, Cash Deposit Helipads become active. If you have a lot of cash on your person you should consider depositing it at a Cash Deposit Helipad. These appear as a piggy-bank icon on your Tac Map and have no limit to the amount of cash you can deposit. These are likely to be high-trafficked areas, so watch for enemies here.

Cash Deposit (Balloon): Utilize a Cash Deposit Balloon, a special Field Upgrade that can be found in Supply Boxes or purchased at Buy Stations and used anywhere in Verdansk. Balloons can be destroyed as they float into the air, so be sure to fill and release them in a safe area.

Defeat: Dying in Plunder makes you drop your current inventory except for Cash, which drops by a percentage of your total that was carried on your Operator. Fortunately, this inventory (without the Cash percentage loss) appears with you again when you redeploy.

Millionaire Status: Any Operator who gathers $1 million (either depositing or carrying, or a combination of both) during the match has that $1 million automatically deposited, and their score bar lights on fire! That safely deposited million is the reward for such an impressive achievement. Other teams who reach the $1 million mark will also have that much Cash auto-deposited.

Win Conditions: The second your or a rival squad’s Cash adds up to $1 million – deposit Cash and carried Cash is added among squadmates to determine this total – the game enters a “Bonus Round” period. After this final two-minute overtime scramble to defeat the first-place team (where you can try to gather Cash to beat the totals of the current premiere squad), the match ends. The bottom right corner of your screen shows a progress bar with your team’s current Cash total and placement, along with the current Cash total for the team in 1st place.

Hunting for HVTs (High Value Targets): There are three circles on the Tac Map during a Plunder match after a team reaches $200k in total Cash: These show the general location of High Value Targets. The circle with the Crown icon shows the Lead Team. The two other circles with Money Bag icons show the teams with the most loose Cash (being carried, but not yet deposited).

Plunder Strategy

Plunder tactics break out into two specific sections: collecting and protecting Cash.

Contracts: The former can be done in an extremely efficient matter by completing Contracts, which is a lucrative way of gaining Cash. With high payouts that you can complete while you scavenge for loot Cash, Contracts can swing a match in a squad’s favor, compared to focusing only on finding Cash inside Supply Boxes.

Nomad Tactics: That isn’t the only way to earn massive amounts of Cash quickly; your squad could play Plunder as nomads, collecting loot inside unopened Supply Boxes and, during the Bonus Round; roaming around Verdansk to chase down those Attack Choppers. For those that play Multiplayer, think of these helicopters like Support Helos that have undergone serious reinforcement.

Get to the Chopper: It will take multiple shots with a launcher – or hundreds upon hundreds of high caliber FMJ bullets – in order to down one of these choppers, and they aren’t too keen on just sitting there and taking fire. Attack Chopper have turrets on them, which will fire down in retaliation to the players that have attacked them.

In general, taking periodic cover while taking down an Attack Chopper is a good idea, as otherwise, you may be a sitting duck against it. Furthermore, if you anticipate infiltrating near one, it may be smart to have a few loadouts based around anti-vehicle efforts, complete with a launcher, Cold-Blooded, and the Amped Perk.

Also remember that you may not be the only ones trying to shoot one of these helicopters down and collect their loot. If you see rockets flying up towards it from a specific area, it may be smart to investigate the source and possibly catch a squad by surprise.

Circling for HVTs: Be sure to keep checking your Tac Map for the locations of High Value Targets: The lead team with the most Cash (a circle with a Crown icon), as well as the top two teams with the most Cash carried and not deposited yet (circles with a Money Bag icons). Note that the smaller the Tac Map circle around the Crown or Money Bag, the more Cash they have to steal!

Protect your HVT: If you’re aiming to become a Millionaire (a single squadmate gathering $1 Million in Cash without depositing it), and the auto-deposit reward (and fiery score bar!) that comes with it, then be sure your fireteam is in on the plan, and can gather (and then drop) Cash for you to pick up. Make sure you’re the one grabbing all the available Cash; pool your resources (and adjust your Loadouts) accordingly.

Dash for the Cash Drop: Don’t forget to check your HUD, listen, and watch for incoming Cash Drops; large care package crates containing an abundance of Cash, along with a distinctive color smoke trail. Get there fast (ideally using vehicles), and be sure to check for rivals who are employing a similar plan.

Large Loadouts and Extra Ammo: You’re going to be engaged in a long search for Cash, so ensure your Loadout reflects this: Bring large weapon magazines for longer engagements, and use Smoke Grenades as cover when you’re depositing. Prepare your routes so you visit Police Stations and Gun Stores (as well as other locations) where Ammo Caches can be found; that extra ammo is going to be needed! Check this guide’s Tac Map Atlas Chapter for locations of these landmarks.

Looting: Those who want to play more passively could also start loot hunting, clearing out Supply Boxes around the map to collect Cash and other useful loot. If you are doing this in the middle of the match, it may be a good idea to land in a discrete or secluded location, as they may have more untouched boxes that are ready and waiting to be looted. Not everyone may think to explore every nook and cranny in Verdansk within this mode, as they may be used to the Battle Royale’s Circle Collapse, so exploring the far-fetched places within this area could be extremely lucrative for your squad.

Bank Raids: Speaking of areas to find Cash: Banks. The National Acropolis Bank branches may have additional Cash inside. Unfortunately, their alarms are still active, meaning that any player that enters it for a robbery will alert all other squads of their deeds. This creates a high risk, high reward situation, as those able to make a getaway can walk away with even more Cash.

Buy Stations: Then there is the idea of spending Cash to make Cash: Buy Stations are available for use in Plunder, but of course, you will have to use Cash in order to purchase items.

Although this store is stocked with more items – e.g. Vehicles – than a traditional Battle Royale Warzone match, all items are also far more expensive in this game mode than in Battle Royale. Although losing your funds is normally a problem in Plunder, there may be times where you need a Killstreak, Armor, Vehicle or a Self-Revive Kit and can afford spending Cash to make it back in due time.

Cash Deposit Balloons: If the Cash Deposit Sites (Helipads) are looking too hot, why not visit a Buy Station and purchase a Cash Deposit Balloon? This Field Upgrade specific to Plunder mode allows you to deposit Cash wherever you are, and recharges (slowly) allowing you to reuse it over time. Have each squadmate buy a Cash Deposit Balloon and stagger the launches so you’re always depositing Cash. Just be sure you’re in a safe area when you drop the Balloon!

Keeping Your Cash at all Costs: Protecting Cash is a bit more complicated than gaining it; dying makes you lose a percentage of your loot, and because kills reward players with tens of thousands of Cash, it incentivizes them to be out on the hunt. This is especially true if you are the top three teams, as your approximate location is shown to everyone on the map and in the lobby, which essentially puts a map-wide target on your back.

Cash Out Often: Unless you’re aiming to be a Millionaire (see previously), depositing Cash (via Balloon or Helo) is near-necessary for victory, as it locks in those profits for your team total with no way of it being lost. In other words, deposit Cash as often as you can, lest you lose it to an enemy team.

Deposit: With all that said, Deposit Sites (Helipads) are shown in the Tac Map at the start of a match, making them natural high-traffic locations even before they are active. Be careful when visiting these areas during a match, as they may be crawling with other squads either preparing to deposit Cash, or ambush those on their way to deposit it.

The alternative method is coming across a Cash Deposit Balloon, which is a far more discrete way of depositing Cash. Because it can allow you to deposit your funds anywhere in Verdansk, this balloon is such a powerful asset that it may be in your squad’s best interest to defend the Operator that has it at all costs.

For both Cash Deposit Balloons and Deposit Sites (Helipads), all members of your squad can – and should – deposit Cash in the same pick-up transaction. Just like in Battle Royale, communication can be the most underrated tool in an Operator’s arsenal; talk to your teammates about heading towards a Deposit Site (Helipad), or when someone is going to call in the helicopter or inflate that Cash Deposit Balloon.

Strategy Switch Ups: Finally, Plunder games can swing wildly if the top teams fail to deposit their Cash. Just because your team is dead last does not mean you are out of the fight. If your squad is falling far behind those leading the pack, consider switching up your strategies, especially if everyone is considering hunting down those top squads to swing the game in their favor.