Rule update: General Information; Fixture Setup & Rules. Rule Violation and Penalties, Acceptance of Rules. 26-09-2020

General Information; Fixture Setup & Rules. 24-04-2021


Tournaments and competitions Cross-Play Gaming host currently consist of Plunder, Blood Money, Rebirth and Battle Royal Quads team entry into public lobbies. All teams will be showcased on our website so please load your clan logo for visibility.

Open Tournament, no limit to the team entries, Minimum to register – 4 Players with 3 substitutes per team optional.

*Call of Duty Warzone changes their playlist on public lobbies without notice from Plunder to Blood Money on a regular basis as well as **Rebirth set piece squads to Resurgence and teams will need to be prepared for this, it can also vary from quads, trios to duos. This game mode will be played according to the COD playlist on that given Saturday.
*Strategy will be key as it is not just the highest money collected during the game that will take home the 1st prize in Plunder or Blood Money.
**Rebirth will follow same scoring system as BR Quads.

The tournaments will be played between 19H00pm to 21H30pm on Saturday and Thursday evenings, you need to play a minimum of 4 rounds and submit your scores between 21H30pm and 22H00pm.

Winners will be announced within 48 hours post match latest. Prizes or cash to be shipped or paid out in South Africa only.


  • The Captain and at least one member of the team must be registered on our Discord Server to partake
    • Please announce yourself and the team you represent so we can update your Clan names.
  • Registration of teams and players will take place on our website,
    • Players can only play for one team on the day of the comp.
    • Playing for multiple teams will forfeit both teams from the competition.
  • Games can only be played between 19H00pm to 21H30pm.
    • If a team is still in game after 21H30 it will still count but scores would still have to be submitted by 22h00pm
  • 10 Minutes before the game you will receive a unique code that you will need to add as your clan tag that must be visible with the final score pictures submitted.
    • You will need to take some screenshots, including the unique code, these pictures must be submitted by the team captain or one of the players via the online submission page, email or Whatsapp – instructed on the Discord.
    • All pictures must be clearly visible and display the unique code by either means of clan tags or written on paper held up, if it is not clear the game organizers have the right to not use that match scores.
  • We will only accept 4 games screenshots per team that must show clearly your position screen shot and kill score card, *cash collected if Plunder or Blood Money. Examples Below.
    • Please note all other scores shown, this must be visible in both pictures.
    • Match Bonus
      • Placement
      • Loot XP
      • Combat XP
      • Misc XP
  • Teams will be allowed to play more than 4 games.
    • Teams are advised to have 4 players to compete, less than 4 players will put your team at a disadvantage but you may play trio-quads or even duo-quads should you not have registered subs and registered starting team players are AWOL. *In the event its Plunder or Blood Money Trios you may play less than 3 players and we will take those scores accordingly.
    • You can mix players with registered substitutes as you wish during the course of the tournament.
    • Players must ensure that their in-game ID, GT (Gamer Tag) relating to the tournament or match being played is up-to-date on their ACTIVISION account, no other name or account will be accepted. The name that is registered to partake in the match must be the name that is on the scorecard submitted. Players may be deducted honor or forfeited from the match or tournament should this rule not be followed.
  • Registration of player and changes to players will be closed at 15h00pm 1 day before the competition day. No exceptions. Should there be a playlist update, you may split the original registered team notifying the organizers by mail
  • All communication must be addressed to [email protected].


BR Screenshot 1

BR Screenshot 2

Plunder Screenshot 1

Plunder Screenshot 2


*Plunder/Blood Money       Battle Royale/**Rebirth

$3 000 000   150 Points     1st Place       10 Points

$2 500 000   125 Points     2nd Place      07 Points

$2 000 000   75 Points       3rd Place      05 Points

$1 500 000   50 Points       4th Place      02 Points

$1 000 000   35 Points       5th Place      01 Points

$500 000      20 Points        Each Kill = 3 point

Each Kill = 2 point

Position Bonus

1st Place 75 Points
2nd place 50 Points
3rd Place 35 Points

Tie Breaker

Battle Royale/**Rebirth

In the event that more than one team has the same score at the end we will take the collective team’s damage over the 4 games played and the highest score will take the higher place standing.

*Plunder/Blood Money

In the event that more than one team has the same score at the end we will take the collective team’s cash collected and the highest score will take the higher place standing. After all it is called Plunder or Blood Money.


Players must compete to the best of their ability at all times. Any form of cheating by any Participant will not be tolerated. All Participants are prohibited from influencing or manipulating a WARGAMES league or fixture so that the outcome is determined by anything other than its merits.

Examples of Cheating would include:

  • Collusion, Match-fixing, or any other action to intentionally alter, or attempt to alter the results of any Game or Match.
  • Attempts to interfere with another player’s connection to the game service by any means.
  • Intentionally exploiting an in-game glitch to gain an advantage.
  • Tampering with the entry process or the operation of the WarGames;
  • Attempting to view spectator monitors, attendee monitors or the live streams during a Game or Match.

If someone asks you to bet on any War Game fixture “fix” the outcome of the fixture, you are to immediately report this with evidence to War Game Representatives using the following email address: [email protected].

Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of collusion. Collusion is defined as any agreement among two (2) or more Participants and/or persons to disadvantage other Participants.

Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:

  • Soft play, which is defined as any agreement among two (2) or more Participants to not damage, impede, or otherwise play to the best of their ability in a Game.
  • Pre-arranging to split prize money and/or any other form of compensation with something other than on a Participant’s own Team.
  • Sending or receiving signals, electronic or otherwise, from a confederate to/from a Participant during Competition play.
  • Deliberately losing a Game, detrimentally altering performance for compensation or for any other reason, or attempting to induce another Participant to do so.


Teams entering WarGames League will adhere to all General rules listed on Cross-Play Gaming Website under BR Rules as well as Discord Rules.

It is suggested to stream your matches or at least have recordings should the organizers request footage from a discrepancy or report, this will need to be provided and could lead to a deduction in points or DQ if not.

Any violation of any rule set will result in either player ban or team ban for no less than one season.

Any Player/Team that has received a ban will be handed over to the disciplinary comity made up of Cross-Play Gaming Representatives for investigation and a final decision will be made on the ban. This can result in a 1 game ban or an increase to a seasonal ban.

Note!!! The above is subject to change as the league progresses. Notification of rule updates will be issued ahead of implementation.


Each Participant must agree to these Rules to participate in the League. You may accept these Rules by anyone of the following methods:

  • Registering Online or any of our affiliated media platforms.
  • Entering a Team under any of WarGame’s League.
  • Participating in any fixture that is part of the Cross-Play Gaming League.

*related to plunder/blood money tournaments and competitions

**related to Rebirth tournaments and competitions